How To Pick The Best Double Strollers

How To Pick The Best Double Strollers

Choosing the Best Double Strollers is often a challenge to many mums. A baby stroller is one item that a mother can hardly do without. With all the multiple roles that we play in our homes we need a convenient device to move the infants around. The situation gets tricky if one has more than one kid or twins also for that matter, to take care of.

If you are in a similar predicament like I was in then, you must be wondering about how to pick the best double strollers. I found the following tips to be very beneficial as I was choosing one for my two kids:

Type of double strollers

Double Strollers come in two types: the side by side and the in-line strollers. The former has the seats connected to one another by the side. Your two passengers will share similar experiences with the canopies and seats having similar adjustable properties such as seat size, recline options, protection from the elements and stow pockets.

This type of double stroller is ideal for you if you have twins or kids of similar age. The only major concern is that they are relatively wide and can be difficult to navigate through doorways and narrow spaces. Additionally they are bulkier when packaged and can be tricky when it comes to storage.

The in-line variety of double strollers have one of the seats located behind the other. The major advantage of this kind of stroller is that it is easier to navigate through narrow passages. However it does not offer similar experiences to your two passengers. So as you select the best double stroller for you weigh the two options and the comparative advantages of each in the light of areas you are prone to use them.

Comfortable and adjustable seats

Once you put your kids in the stroller they have no option but to remain seated. Their comfort in that position is paramount. You don’t want to have them fatigued and uncomfortable along the way. Getting a double stroller with sets that have a soft feel and a reasonable recline is a sure way of having your little passengers remain as comfortable as possible.


How easy it is for you to maneuver the double strollers should be another consideration you should make. Essentially, if your stroller is not easy to move, shift around and turn it won’t be comfortable for you to use.

You need a stroller that turns consistently and easily, one that will always roll in a straight direction without requiring too much corrective adjustment on one side or the other side. The number and quality of wheels come I handy here.

How To Pick The Best Double Strollers

Most double strollers come with four wheels; two on each frame. It is wise to pick a design that has fewer number of wheels especially at the front. This kind of designs with fewer are easier to maneuver around.


You and your kids are not confined to the precincts of your home. At times you need to go out with them in tow. At times you just need to take them out to refresh. You need a stroller that can perform superbly in difficult terrain, one that you can comfortably use in the woods and on relatively rough roads.

As a caring and loving mum do not hesitate to use these tips to choose the best double stroller for your kids.