double stroller rain covers

double stroller rain covers

How to buy double stroller rain covers–

When purchasing double stroller rain covers, you have to be mindful of a variety of factors, ranging from waterproofing, to durability and price. Here are some top things to consider when choosing double stroller rain covers.


The size should be sufficient for a double stroller, so make sure the rain cover is larger than regular weatherproof sheets for strollers. You might want to choose a size somewhat larger than needed.

Convenience –

When the weather turns bad, you don’t have the luxury of time. You need to be able to quickly deploy the cover. That is why you would ideally look for covers that are easy to use. They should be deployed quickly and they should help keep you safe round the clock.


There are plenty of safety factors to consider. One would be ventilation. Does the cover allow for passage of air, and air circulation within? You would ideally chose a stroller that allows fresh air circulation, and keeps the children safe. Some covers have holes in them, others have netting on the sides to keep the air circulating within.

double stroller rain covers


You might want a brightly colored cover, or you could go for a clear cover. Your choice depends on whether you want protection against direct sunlight or merely looking for some rain proofing for the stroller.

Uv protection-

You would also need to consider factors such as UV radiation. You may not be aware that UV rays are able to reach the surface of the earth through cloud covers, so you want to avoid this type of radiation from harming the baby even on rainy days. You would do best to choose a cover that helps protect children against UV radiation by choosing a UV protective cover.

Holders –

Some rain covers carry additional conveniences. For example, you want to get holders for baby supplies, such as bottles. The rain covers should also carry holders or pockets, where you can store these items.


When not in use you would want to be able to stow away the rain cover conveniently. Use portable items, which can be compactly folded and stashed away in the car dashboard or in baby bags.


If the rain and sleet is heavy you want to be able to extend the covers to well over the stroller edges, so as to keep the moisture out. There are plenty of other options, for anyone looking for the best in baby strollers.


Some rain covers are made of nylon, which is lightweight and durable. Nylon is also easy to wash and clean. It offers good waterproofing and is perfect even for use in sunny weather. If you are looking for clear covers, you can go for plastic ones that are perfect for protecting the children against snow and cold winds, in addition to rain.

Price –

You want to buy the best priced products, and there are plenty of options, from online purchase to end of season sales. Prices can range from a few dollars to something at the higher end, and your choice rests on the features, durability, and conveniences offered by the product.